2020 - 2021

My Role

Interaction • Product • UI/UX

What started as an internal tool at a company, grew to become a SaaS product for anyone to host and manage cohort-based classes.


MDS was a product design and development agency. They provided services ranging from design and development of APIs, client and server-side infrastructure, product design and strategy, and venture building. They help individuals start careers in technology by training them and helping them gain their first tech job within 6 - 9 months.



Problem Statement

COVID happened and in-person meetings were displaced. They needed a way to virtually host their already sold-out classes. Below are their pain, gains, and jobs they needed to be done.


  1. Most students were not familiar nor conversant with tools like Slack, Zoom, or Google Classroom.
  2. These tools required a central place where everyone could easily access them and keep track of schedules.


  1. Majority of the team had engineering backgrounds.
  2. Collaborative work tools were a norm within the team.
  3. The team had been working remotely prior to COVID.

Jobs to be done

  1. Students needed to be taught how to setup, use, and harness collaborative work tools
  2. Class content needed to be centralized along with class schedules and communications between the team and students.
  3. All tools needed to have a centralized access for easier reference.

With the advent of COVID, the stakes were high, people were stuck at home and most seized the opportunity to learn a skill or two, others were furloughed and for some students this meant switching to a new career.

It was imperative that at least 60% of the students successfully completed their classes. These classes were to be held both asynchronously and synchronously; each week for a period of 6 months, there was a new lesson module to be unlocked for the students and there were weekly live sessions and 1:1 office hours to be conducted virtually via Zoom.




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