Chris Eliezer


Hey, I'm Eliezer.
Nice to meet you.

I design and build software. For a little over 7 years, I've crafted digital solutions and experiences for varying sectors. I'm able to research, ideate, design, write web and mobile software, and mentor teams. Proud to have partnered with organizations like USAID, World Bank, and Ventures Platform. I love understanding people, exploring ideas that solve real problems, and delivering experiences with impact.

tranquil african village with a single person framed by, oil painting, 5x4 / Visual Electric
Lower Usuma Dam, Abuja, Nigeria
Abuja, NG


What I've been up to recently

Exploring Voice Interfaces and LLMs

Experimented with leading voice interface technologies to build a conversational agent prototype for personal growth and wellness. Identified future potential in space. I used GPT4, Eleven Labs TTS, the native browser Speech-To-Text API, Streams, and Server Sent Events.

Platform Redesign

Collaborated on crafting a new design system within Figma, migration from jquery to vanilla js/hotwire and rails 6.1 to 7.x for a platform bringing the power of music virtually and in-person to bedsides of over 300k patients across the US.

Design System for a CBD Company

I conducted UX audits using heuristics and market research to implement a mobile redesign and design system to enable the client easily whitelabel their product and also deliver more value for existing customers. I extensively used Figma variables, tokens, and it's most recent updated prototyping capabilities.




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Magic™ image generated using Visual Electric, and upscaled with Prompt within image alt tag. Abuja, NG image was shot on an iPhone at the Lower Usuma Dam, Bwari, FCT.